Entry 58: If I Dismiss My Ego…

If I Dismiss My Ego...

Dear All:

If I dismiss my ego 1) I lose all negativity 2) I let go of a petty conflict, immediately (especially with Todd) 3) I accept an apology with forgiveness 4) I am of free shit talking (oh that again) 5) I am observing my actions (except for Brady) 6) I am truthful with my loved ones in a thoughtful way 7) I am listening without interrupting (oh god!) 8) I am owning my mistakes 9) I am not comparing my actions to others’ actions and 10) I am not looking for what my loved ones have “not done” for me. So, if my heart is in charge, and I am losing all negativity while living in a state of loving forgiveness, that way I am “for real”, right?


My ego failed me today, but tomorrow will be better. (2/10/15)
How did sincerity save me from myself today? (2/10/15)



Entry 57: What Is The Point Of Anything If We Are Not Sincere?

What Is The Point To Anything Without Sincerity?

What Is The Point To Anything Without Sincerity?

Dear All:

I question the depths of sincerity and the ramifications we place on ourselves. What is the point of anything if we are not sincere? Because if I am sincere then, 1) I am truthful 2) I am sorry 3) I love you 4) I forgive you 5) I meant what I said 6) I apologize for the misunderstanding 7) thank you 8) my thoughts mirror my actions 9) I was wrong and 10) you were right!

How is your sincerity working for you today?
Do you glare at others with your actions?
“Often individuals whose opinions do not correspond with their words cannot help but reveal their true thoughts in actions.”–OM (I have had multiple retweets on Twitter in 2012)


My Reactive Crazy Behavior…


Reactive Crazy is the “culprit” in most major/minor conflicts. Reactive Crazy gets out of control if 1) anyone calls us out on the unfavorable (even when they are right) 2) it is the bruised, hurt, nasty comeback to anything we are not prepared to hear (which is 99% of the time) 3) it is the monster within a seemingly non defensive person 4) it is alliance(s) against an individual(s) who may be uncovering some truths 5) it is a lifetime story for some of us who never wanted to hear our own reality 6) it is a state of mind that does not allow for authenticity with oneself 7) it is a way in which to be cut off from honesty with loved ones who have our best interests in mind 8) It does not allow us to take responsibility for our actions because we immediately lunge into our own defense) 9) it causes pettiness which is the root of all evil 10) it is a defense mechanism that inhibits our spiritual illumination.
My Reactive Crazy never disappoints me!
How did your Reactive Crazy navigate you today? Oh dear.
If I do not take responsibility for my actions today, there is no point.